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Welcome to the RCVS website which has advanced accessibility features making it easy to use for most visitors, including those using screen readers and screen magnifying software.

The main site has been developed to conform to Priority 1 and 2 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, (WCAG 1.0), whilst forms were developed to conform to Priority 3.


About the W3C, WAI and accessibility guideines

The W3C is an international body which sets standards across the web, the WAI are part of the W3C and have created guidelines to ensure that disabled people can easily access web pages. These guidelines are called the WCAG (version 1), there are three priorities or levels of accessibility a website can reach, they could be summarised as

  • Priority 1 - Basic Accessibility
  • Priority 2 - Good Accessibility
  • Priority 3 - High Accessibility

In order to help you navigate round the site easily when using a screen reader, please note the following points. This site uses HTML tables to create a three column layout, some pages only use the first two columns. If you prefer to have a linearised version i.e. without HTML tables, then we advise you to use the text only version of the site.

All our pages follow the same structure and layout for ease of use: Utility links such as Text Only and Sitemap appear first followed by the website Search box, this is followed by a decorative banner.

This is followed by the Main Menu. Sub menus appear underneath the main menu heading when you are within a particular section. The main content is always located in the middle column. If there is an additional level of navigation it will be located after the main content.



Skip Navigations (Skip navs)

The following skip navs allow users with screen readers to bypass repeated content.

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Using this Site

If you would like to know more about adapting your computer so it is more comfortable to use visit AbilityNet's My Computer, My Way website.

If you have any difficulties using the website please let us know by outlining the nature of the problem and what you are using to access the web page. Contact us at