Pets Need Vets!

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85% of pet owners have already registered their pet with a veterinary practice*. Here you can find 11 reasons why we and BVA think all pet owners should do the same.

To find the right vet for you and your pet, visit our free online find a vet service.


text - Just like people, your pet can benefit from regular health checks to help stay fit and healthy


text - Emergencies can happen at any time - registering means you'll have easier access to emergency vet care whenever you need it


text - Your vet knows a lot more about your animal than Dr Google and can provide tailored advice for your pet.


text - Regular weight checks and nutritional advice can help to keep your pet in shape - your practice's vet nurses can often help with this.


text - Many vet practices run pet socialisation and training classes where you can meet other pet owners.


text - Your vet practice will hold your pet's medical history to help diagnose any problems quickly.


text - Your veterinary practice can offer great advice about which pet is right for you because they will know you and your family.


text - Your vet practice is best placed to recommend other services for your animal, whether that's pet groomers and trainers, or referral to an advanced practitioner or specialist.


text - Veterinary staff are often animal owners too, so they understand that pets are a much-loved part of the family.


text - Vets and vet nurses have made a sloemn promise to look after animals under their care, they study for many years and have to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.


text - There are some medicines that only vets can prescribe, so it helps to be registered with a practice.


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*PDSA Animal Well-being (PAW) Report 2017