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1CPD platform: you said, we did

24 July 2020

Since we launched our 1CPD recording and planning platform in January 2020, we have been engaging in a process of constant improvement of the platform based on user feedback.

As a result, we have made several upgrades to make the platform even more useful and intuitive for members of the professions.

Here is a summary of some of the major changes we have made:

  • Regarding the recording of reflections, the update gives our users a choice between guided reflection, which uses three questions to help members of the professions frame their reflective notes, and free-form reflection. Free-form reflection provides members of the professions the opportunity to use free text and/or voice notes as well as allowing them to upload images and additional documents.
  • We have doubled the character limit in the notes section from 2,000 characters to 4,000.
  • We have enhanced the ‘CPD activity type’ selection process from a long list of CPD activities that users needed to scroll though, to a list of activity types sorted by sub-categories. This provides a better user experience. 

Richard BurleyRichard Burley, RCVS Chief Technology Officer, (pictured), commented: “Thank you to all those who have provided feedback on the platform so far – like you, we are committed to constant improvement and your insights on where and how we can improve are invaluable.

“We continue to welcome feedback from users and there are ‘send feedback’ buttons in the app and the web portal. Alternatively, please email”

CPD and coronavirus

When the lockdown started in March, we made a decision to reduce the annual CPD requirement for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses by 25%, in recognition of the increased strain being placed on the personal and professional lives of members of the professions.

However, for many of those in practice, the pandemic and its associated challenges and restrictions may actually be providing concrete learning opportunities that can and should be recorded as CPD.

Susan PatersonSusan Paterson, Chair of the RCVS Education Committee, (pictured),  commented: “From what I’ve seen, for those in the profession who have worked in practice throughout the pandemic, the thought of sitting down to watch a free webinar in the evening after an exhausting and stressful day has not been an appealing prospect.

“What’s really important though is recognising that working during Covid – from triaging cases on the phone to physically seeing animals in the clinic, out on a farm or at the stables - provides a rich set of potential CPD.

“Every time a vet or VN consults the RCVS flow chart, listened to the BVA Sunday update webinar, checks their species guidance on triage of cases, looks up advice on vaccination and neutering or checks resources to perform a risk assessment of staff, developed an oxygen-saving protocol for anaesthesia, or consulted information on the use of PPE, then they are undertaking CPD. They are learning, doing and reflecting.

“So even if you haven’t had the ‘luxury’ of a quiet webinar over a glass of something in the evening during lockdown, you have still been doing your CPD. All that’s left (when you get some time) is to record it in the 1CPD portal and reflect on it.”

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