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Essex vet guilty of deceit and intimidation struck off by Royal College

18 December 2002

Please note: This is an archived news story. Mrs Diana Yvonne Carr was removed from the RCVS Register of Members following the hearing and she is therefore not currently entitled to practise as a veterinary surgeon in the UK.

The RCVS Disciplinary Committee yesterday moved to strike off one of its members from the Register of Veterinary Surgeons, having found her guilty of disgraceful conduct in a professional respect on three charges.

Mrs Diana Yvonne Carr was found guilty in three out of four charges brought; two of which involved false certification of a foal's parentage and one of intimidation. Mrs Carr was acquitted of one charge as the Committee found there to be insufficient evidence.

Although in one of the false certification charges Mrs Carr had not signed documents in her professional capacity, the Committee considered that, "…a veterinary surgeon has a clear duty of care to ensure accuracy when signing in any capacity". In the second false certification charge, where Mrs Carr had acted in her capacity as a breeder, owner and veterinary surgeon, the Committee felt it inconceivable that she did not know the correct parentage of the foal concerned.

In the fourth charge, Mrs Carr had stood accused of seeking to resolve a dispute between herself and a former client and employee by unprofessional means using intimidation and force. In agreeing with Mrs Carr's admission that her actions were inappropriate and unlawful, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Mr Brian Jennings said, "I am not surprised, given the evidence, that witnesses to Mrs Carr's actions perceived this episode to be frightening and intimidating. Her behaviour as a veterinary surgeon was wholly unacceptable and has brought her profession into disrepute.

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