First RVN CPD Survey finds encouraging results

3 December 2009

The average Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) appears to do substantially more than the minimum required amount of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), was the finding of the first ever survey of RVNs’ CPD.

“The CPD requirement for RVNs is to complete at least 45 hours in any three-year period – an average of 15 hours a year,” says Libby Earle, RCVS Head of Veterinary Nursing. “As the requirement was only introduced in 2007, it is particularly encouraging to see that in the first two years of obligatory CPD, the average RVN appears to be doing considerably more than the minimum.”

However, not all cards were filled in correctly and some RVNs were including more than the permitted five hours of undocumented self-directly study annually. The number of hours recorded in the survey data was accordingly reduced in order to correct this. Taking into account this reduction, the survey found that the RVNs responding completed an average of 23 hours of CPD 2007, and 28 hours in 2008.

The RCVS asked 509 RVNs – a random sample of 10% of all RVNs qualified for more than three years – to submit a copy of their CPD Card. Of these, 460 returned a copy of their card – a response rate of 96%.

“I would like to thank the RVNs who submitted copies of their cards as requested,” says Libby. “As the purpose of this exercise is to collect baseline data for use in the future, we will be contacting the small number of RVNs who failed to submit a copy of their CPD card when asked.”

All RVNs should ensure that they are familiar with the CPD requirements. Guidance is printed on the RVN CPD Record Card which can be downloaded from the 'Related documents' section on the right.

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