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RCVS responds to inquiry into on-farm veterinary services

25 April 2003

The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee recently announced the appointment of a Sub-Committee to undertake an inquiry into the provision of farm veterinary services in England and Wales.

Chaired by Michael Jack MP, the Sub-Committee's remit is to "...examine:

  • what impact current levels of farm income are having on the usage of veterinary services; and, in turn, what effect any reduction in the usages of such services is having on the number of practices dealing with large (farm) animals;

  • what effect any reduction in the usage of veterinary services and shortage of large animal vets is having on health and welfare standards, and on the effectiveness of surveillance for animal diseases;

  • whether the requirements placed on farmers by Government, including those in the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy, are realisable in such circumstances; and

  • what is the impact on the work of the State Veterinary Service."

Following a meeting with the British Veterinary Association last week to discuss the issues as they affect the veterinary profession overall, the RCVS has today submitted its response to this inquiry (download below).

The College will also providing oral evidence to the Sub-Committee, with the BVA and the NFU, on a date to be fixed shortly.

Download the RCVS submission (PDf file - 163Kb)

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