Response to Sunday Times article

11 November 2018

We were contacted by the Sunday Times yesterday [Saturday, 10 November 2018] for further information about our requirements for veterinary surgeons to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation.

This was in relation to an article the Sunday Times was intending to run on a recent decision by the RCVS Disciplinary Committee to remove the name of John Hendrie Smith from the Register.

As the information we provided to the Sunday Times was not then included in the paper's article, it is set out below in full for reference

Please note: we do not generally comment on the outcome RCVS Disciplinary Committee hearings):

RCVS response to Sunday Times enquiry

Under our Code of Professional Conduct we require veterinary surgeons to carry out a minimum of 105 hours of CPD over a rolling three year period and to practise within their area of competence.

Whilst we do not currently have a regular revalidation requirement for veterinary surgeons or veterinary nurses, this CPD requirement is so that members of the profession keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

We carry out annual audits of CPD and ask for the records of those vets who failed to confirm they met the requirement.

Furthermore, CPD records and any failures to meet the CPD requirements of our Code are taken into account by the Disciplinary Committee during its considerations on what sanctions to impose in most other cases.

One vet has gone to a Disciplinary Committee hearing for failing to respond to CPD audit requests. 

Just to clarify, the College is not a CPD provider so we will not hold data about the number of CPD courses that concerned euthanasia.

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