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Tell us all about it – send in your survey form

12 January 2010

We've sent you - veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and VN students - survey forms to ask for information about yourselves and your work, aspirations and views on your professions, so please do take part.

The survey information is used to create profiles of both professions, and helps us to understand changing trends. It will assist in our discussions with government, the veterinary schools and VN educators, and the general public.

To enable us to track trends in mental health and well-being at population level, a series of questions known as the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS) will be included for the first time.

The survey is carried out on our behalf by the Institute of Employment Studies (IES) - an independent research organisation - and all data are collected anonymously.

We normally carry out our surveys every four years; previously, this has been on a staggered basis. However, as we now want to obtain concurrent data on vets and VNs, we are running both surveys at the same time. For VNs, this means it may only be two years since you've taken part.

The deadline is Monday 8 February. Forms can be sent to the IES in the freepost envelope provided, or completed online (vet survey and VN survey). (NB these surveys are now closed)

If you're interested in seeing the findings of previous surveys, you can read them online.

(Please note: practices with no veterinary nurses recorded on the RCVS database have been sent copies of the VN survey in case VNs are employed there.)

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