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RCVS Grasps the Nettle to Coordinate Veterinary Research in the UK

27 September 2002

The first meeting of an expert group looking into the coordination and future strategy for veterinary research in the UK took place at RCVS headquarters this week. 

Building on the Selborne Report of 1997, the recommendations of the Royal Society’s recent report into “Infectious Diseases in Livestock”, and the subsequent announcement of additional funding for veterinary teaching and research from DEFRA, BBSRC, HEFCE and the Wellcome Trust, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is grasping the nettle to develop a unified strategy for veterinary research in the UK, whilst identifying how best those needs can be met.    

Made up of key figures from the veterinary, academic and research communities, the RCVS Research Strategy Group will be looking at: 

  • Reviewing and strengthening the national capacity for veterinary research in the UK – taking into account significant overseas research and its effect on the UK;  

  • Identifying research priorities and advising the appropriate public and private funding bodies;

  • Promoting collaborations between UK veterinary schools, and between the schools and other research providers, including international collaborations;

  • Monitoring progress with the recommendations of the Selborne Report – particularly as they relate to encouraging a cadre of veterinarians to develop involvement in research;

The Chairwoman of the Group, Dr Judy MacArthur Clark, said, “It is important that the resources that are currently available, for veterinary research in the UK, both in terms of funds and expertise, are harnessed and correctly channelled to achieve the optimal output. This Group will play a pivotal role in achieving that objective, both directly and through providing advice to the new Veterinary Research Alliance lead by DEFRA.”

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