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BBC Radio 4 investigates veterinary training and the profession's future

16 August 2002

BBC Radio 4 has, this week, aired the first programme in a two-part series entitled Training the Vets which investigates training at the UK's six veterinary schools, compares the modern day veterinarian with that of yester-year and discusses the profession's future.

In the first programme, broadcast on Monday (12 August), Radio 4 interviewer Graham Easton travelled to Liverpool University veterinary school to discuss the current veterinary curriculum with undergraduates and staff.

He heard about students' experiences in obtaining a place at vet school, discussed with them the extensive and ever-increasing list of subjects that they need to study and learned about some new aspects to the course including problem solving and communication skills training.

The second programme, to be broadcast on Monday 19 August at 8pm, will look at the future of the veterinary profession, both in terms of the changes to veterinary education being proposed currently by the RCVS Education Strategy Steering Group (ESSG) and the changing face of the profession across its many disciplines.

Graham Easton, who is also a medical doctor, will be talking to ESSG chairman Professor Neil Gorman about the Group's recommendations and proposals and to RCVS President Stephen Ware about the changing role of the veterinary surgeon and the future of the profession as a whole.

The programme will be broadcast on Radio 4 (92-95 FM) at 8pm on Monday 19 August.

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