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Certificate and Diploma examinations 2004 – Notice to all candidates with final approval of experience

18 December 2003

Those Certificate and Diploma candidates who have obtained their final approval of experience are now eligible to enter for the next examination to be held in 2004.

Letters, entry forms and timetables are currently being despatched to eligible candidates for the RCVS Certificate and Diploma examinations to be held in 2004.

The arrangements made so far are as follows:

Entry Form E3 plus Fee
1. Candidates are required to submit an Entry Form E3 with the fee of £600 for a Certificate and £810 for a Diploma (made payable to the RCVS) by Monday 1 March 2004.

Submitted work
2. Please refer to the Specific Guidance Notes (Document B2) for the required number of sets of submitted work.

3. BOTH Certificate AND Diploma candidates are now required to send their submitted work together with their signed Declaration, verifying that their Adviser has been approached and read the submitted work, by 1 March 2004 under separate cover from the Entry Form and fee.

Information on Examination Dates
4. DIPLOMA written examinations will be held on:

Wednesday 14 July 2004
Thursday 15 July 2004

at the RCVS, Horseferry Road, London SW1 - exact date to be confirmed, depending on final numbers entering.

5. CERTIFICATE written examinations will be held on:

Tuesday 27 July 2004
Wednesday 28 July 2004

at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London SW1 - exact date to be confirmed, depending on final numbers entering.

Clinical, Oral and Practicals (COPs)
6. Examiners are currently being approached to confirm the dates and venues for the COPs and these will therefore not be confirmed for some time. Normally, these are held within six weeks of the written examination, depending on availability of facilities and the examining team. Every effort will be made to announce these dates by the 1 March 2004, although some examinations may need to be held a little later.

Regular updates on information relating to the examination arrangements will be published on this website in the Education Section. Please make sure that you review this information regularly so that you are aware of revisions.


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