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Continuing Education Certificates awarded to Meat Inspectors for first time

21 May 2003

Professor Johnston addressing the candidates at this week's award ceremonyThis week the first cohort of candidates to receive their Continuing Education Certificates for Meat Inspectors were presented with their parchments by Stephen Ware, RCVS President, at an awards ceremony held at the Food Standards Agency offices in London.

The new certificates represent an on-going commitment to the training and development of Meat Hygiene Inspectors and are open to all Meat Hygiene Inspectors upon qualification.

The certificates are managed by Professor A M Johnston, current Chairman of the Editorial Board and RCVS representative, together with representatives from the Meat Hygiene Service, the Association of Meat Inspectors, the Veterinary Public Health Association, the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health and the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland.

Professor Johnston (left) and Stephen Ware (centre) with the suuccessful candidatesThe Editorial Board reports to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons through the SFEC Veterinary Public Health and State Veterinary Medicine Board.

After presenting the certificates to the 14 candidates present, Mr Ware offered his congratulations to them for their achievement and his sincere thanks to Professor Johnston, Professor Johnston's predecessor Mr Robert Huey, and all members of the Editorial Board, for their management of the training scheme.


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