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Disciplinary Committee shows compassion for terminally ill vet

13 May 2003

Please note: This is an archived news story. The Council and staff of the RCVS were extremely saddened to learn that Mr Ronald Stanley Porter passed away on the 7th November 2004.

Ronald Stanley Porter

In its deliberations today, the Committee has felt the deepest sympathy for the position in which the Respondent now finds himself.

On 28th June 2001, the Committee found the Respondent guilty, upon his own admission, of disgraceful conduct in a professional respect upon three charges.

At that time, the Committee decided that the appropriate course was to postpone judgment upon the Respondent giving a number of undertakings which included attending a course of Continuing Professional Development.

Initially the Respondent did comply with the Undertakings but latterly found some difficulties. It has now become apparent that this was largely, if not wholly, due to the development of a brain tumour. It is not clear for how long this tumour had been active but the full extent of this tragic situation is now quite apparent and the likelihood of the Respondent's ability to return to practice is negligible. There is indeed doubt whether he is now even capable of managing his affairs. In the interim the Respondent has also undertaken not to return to practice without further notice.

The Committee regards this as an exceptional case and feels the greatest sympathy for the Respondent in what has occurred.

As in every other case which comes before it the Committee must bear in mind its duty to balance the need to protect the public and their animals whilst ensuring the administration of justice.

In these wholly exceptional circumstances, the Committee has decided that in compliance with its many obligations, it is able to make no further order in these proceedings which are therefore terminated.

Download a copy of the press release issued on Wednesday 21 May 2003. (PDF - 91KB)


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