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First equine modular certificates awarded

29 September 2010

Seven veterinary surgeons who took their final assessments at the University of Liverpool on 6 September have become the first to receive the postgraduate RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP) with equine designations.

“I was very impressed by the quality of all the candidates and the diligence of the examination process,” said Dr Mark Holmes, a member of the RCVS sub-committee for the CertAVP who observed the assessments at Liverpool.

“It is clear that candidates putting themselves forward for 'named' certificates have demonstrated particular interest in their chosen fields and place considerable value on passing their synoptic examination.”

The modular certificates were introduced in 2007 to be a more flexible replacement for the old-style postgraduate certificates.

Vets can now choose from 79 subject modules, with RCVS-accredited assessments offered by a range of universities. These institutions may also offer associated courses which vets can take to support their studies, although candidates are free to choose where and how they wish to study.

To build their credits into the full CertAVP qualification, candidates must first enrol with the RCVS, which keeps a record of modules achieved. Candidates need to take two compulsory modules, and several of a range of optional modules, within ten years in order to receive the award.

Candidates aiming for a designated award must choose specific modules from amongst the options, and additionally pass an overarching ‘synoptic’ assessment.

For more information about the individual modules and the qualification as a whole, prospective candidates can visit the modular certificates pages.

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