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First Executive Director will lead Trust’s EBVM ambitions

6 March 2013

Nick Royle, Trust Executive DirectorThe RCVS Charitable Trust has appointed its first Executive Director, Nick Royle, who will head the charity as it becomes a leading advocate for evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM).

At its meeting today, the Board agreed a new strategy for the Trust, which will put at its heart the development of an EBVM resource for the veterinary profession, both in the UK and globally. 

The Trust aims to develop a resource that will be based on the principles of The Cochrane Collaboration for human medicine.

The Cochrane Collaboration is an international consortium of scientific and medical experts who conduct systematic data reviews of medical evidence that is, following peer review, deposited in The Cochrane Library and made available as a key reference to healthcare providers, policy-makers and patients. 

Nick Royle, who led the Cochrane Collaboration for nine years, is the perfect choice to take the Trust forward in this new direction. 

"We are delighted that Nick Royle will be joining the Trust in the newly-created role of Executive Director,” says Jill Nute, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

“We are excited about the Trust’s new objective of providing a unique resource that gives veterinary professionals the best evidence on which to base their decisions. 

“Nick’s experience at the Cochrane Collaboration ideally suits him to take charge of this ambition and make it happen.” 

Nick Royle says: "I'm really excited to be joining the Trust at the start of this important development. My previous experience at Cochrane will be a great help, but I'm under no illusions that veterinary medicine presents additional and unique challenges.” 

Nick will take up his role on 2 April 2013. 

Further information about the Trust’s plans to develop as an EBVM champion will be available in due course.

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