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First VN Annual Report and latest VN News - now available

20 August 2004

For the first time, the RCVS has published a dedicated veterinary nursing annual report to provide an overview of its extensive VN activities and those of the VN Awarding Body.

The report describes the ongoing work of the VN Council, the VN Manpower Survey 2003, and the recent discussions about the future role and regulation of veterinary nurses.

There is a section setting out the work of the VN Awarding Body (which is responsible for all pre-registration VN training), with details on its new accreditation, the numbers of VNACs and TPs and the VN student enrolment and retention figures over the past twelve months.

There are some facts and figures about the VN List and VN Diplomas, together with a summary of VN and Awarding Body costs for the year under review.

The VN annual report which augments the RCVS Annual Report 2004, is being posted today to all veterinary nurses, training practices and VNACs, along with the latest edition of VN News.

VN News (August 2004) contains information about Schedule 3 issues, progress on the Manpower Survey findings, changes to TP approval criteria, the new VN List fees for 2004/5 and dates for the 2004/5 VN examinations.

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