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International veterinary surgeons welcomed to RCVS

24 July 2008

Eight international veterinary surgeons were admitted to the RCVS on Wednesday 23 July, at a special ceremony for candidates who were successful in the 2008 Statutory Examination for Membership.

The veterinary surgeons, who qualified in Cuba, Grenada, India, Iran, Malaysia and Russia, were joined by family and friends at Belgravia House, having passed the exam which entitles them to practise in the UK.

As one of her first duties as the new RCVS President, Mrs Jill Nute congratulated the veterinary surgeons and welcomed them to the profession, presenting them with their examination certificates.

Mrs Nute spoke about the long and difficult route that the veterinary surgeons had taken to become MsRCVS, and that it was a tribute to themselves and their supporters that they were here today. She described life as a veterinary surgeon in the UK as being part of a veterinary family.

“The RCVS is like a parent or guardian, who is there to guide and instruct you. However, there are many other organisations and sources of help available to you throughout your career,” she said.

The President emphasised to the new members the importance of keeping the Guide to Professional Conduct at the forefront of their mind and maintaining their skills by attending meetings, reading veterinary publications and talking to other veterinary surgeons, as part of their Continuing Professional Development. She also explained how the Professional Development Phase, which is compulsory for new graduates, could help all veterinary surgeons monitor and develop their expertise.

The President finished by drawing on her personal experiences in practice and encouraging the members to put something back in to the profession.

“Enjoy your life in practice, and try and help as much as possible. Many other doors are now open to you, such as working in industry or research. You have the tools now, so develop and use them.”

A total of 12 veterinary surgeons passed the 2008 examination.

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