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Latest figures on Professional Development Phase for new vets

7 September 2009

Figures produced by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons show that almost half of the first cohort of newly-qualified vets to sign up to the Professional Development Phase (PDP) have now completed it.

The PDP is a web-based database that enables new graduates to develop, and reflect on, their professional skills during their first year in clinical practice. Completing the PDP became a professional obligation for all newly-qualified vets from 2007 onwards. Of the 636 vets who graduated in 2007, 586 (92%) signed up to PDP and 290 have now completed. Of the 616 vets who graduated in 2008, 546 (88%) have so far registered for the PDP.

Freda Andrews, RCVS Head of Education, said:

“Undertaking PDP is a professional requirement for every newly-qualified vet working in clinical practice. The first vets to undertake PDP seem to be taking around 15 months from signing up to signing off. Properly completing PDP counts as the first year’s CPD and we strongly recommend that this year’s graduates sign up as soon as they have found their first clinical role.”

The PDP is also open to any vet returning to practice.

Find out more about PDP requirements. To enrol email

For more information, please contact:

Claire Millington (020 7202 0783)
Communications Department, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

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