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Over 150 vets sit postgraduate exams this year

9 August 2002

Small Animal Medicine and Small Animal Surgery once again proved the most popular choice for candidates sitting the RCVS certificate written examinations at the end of last month.

A total of 134 candidates each sat the two written papers that are required as part of each overall certificate examination in central London on the 30 and 31 July. At the same time, a further 22 veterinary surgeons undertaking an RCVS diploma (a yet more advanced qualification) sat their written papers at RCVS headquarters.

As part of its Royal Charter activities, the RCVS administers a broad range of postgraduate certificates and diploma examinations which form part of the College's overall qualifications framework. Veterinary graduates undertake these postgraduate courses on a self-study basis, often at the same time as working full time in practice, in order to further their knowledge and skills in a particular subject area. The College currently offers certificates in 21 different subjects and diplomas in 23.

The Education Department has now processed the hundreds of exam scripts that need to be sent out to the RCVS appointed external examiners - the final batch having been posted this week. The written examinations can only be taken once a candidate has achieved a satisfactory level of experience of the subject in practice. The final stage of these postgraduate courses, which is already underway for some candidates, is the combined clinical, oral and practical examination - the last of which will be completed in early October. Candidates can expect to receive their results no later than ten days after completing this assessment.

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