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Pay overdue retention fees by 31 May to avoid Register removal

13 May 2011

We would advise those members who have not yet paid their retention fees that they are now overdue. From this year, if fees are paid between 30 April and 31 May, a £35 late-payment charge also applies. Outstanding fees should be paid before 31 May to avoid being removed from the Register. 

There is still time to pay by credit card, bank transfer or cheque, or online. Payments cannot be made over the telephone.

Veterinary surgeons must be registered with the RCVS in order to practise legally in the UK, and retention fees are due each year by the end of March.

We then make efforts to contact those whose fees are overdue, and allow payment for a further two months, before removing those who have not paid from the Register.

There is still time to pay by credit card, bank transfer or cheque, or online. Payments cannot be made over the telephone.

Those who have recently changed address, practice address or bank details are urged to check that payments have been properly processed, as are those whose employers pay their fees: the responsibility for ensuring the payment has been made remains with individual members.

Members also need to ensure they send adequate information with their payment, ie name, membership number, particularly when paying by bank transfer, where this information should be used as a payment reference.

This year three members who paid by bank transfer omitted this information and, as the RCVS cannot know who they are, will have been sent a payment reminder and risk removal.

We would any veterinary surgeon who has paid, and subsequently receives a reminder, to please contact the Finance Department, as a matter of urgency.

Those whose names are removed for non-payment after 31 May will no longer be able to practise legally in the UK, and will need to pay a restoration fee on top of their retention fee if they wish to return to the Register.

There is also now a registration requirement that veterinary surgeons confirm annually that their Register details are correct, as well as paying their retention fees.

The deadline for this confirmation is 30 September, and we will send a reminder closer to this deadline to those whose confirmations have not been received.

For more information, and to pay retention fees or confirm Register details online, visit Renewing your registration/listing.

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