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PinPoint Publishing and the "RCVS Directory 2005 Buyers Guide": an updated warning to Practice Principals and Managers

10 February 2005

31 January 2005, updated 10th February

We would like to update our warning to veterinary surgeons and/or veterinary practices and others that they might be contacted by a company called Pinpoint Publishing. They are currently selling advertising space in a publication called the "RCVS Directory 2005 Buyers Guide". This publication has no connection with the 2005 RCVS Directory of Practices, although its name in our view is intended to mislead you to believing that it has.

In addition the letters RCVS in the name of the Pinpoint publication purport to stand for Regional Classified Veterinary Suppliers, but in our view this is purely contrived, with a clear aim on the part of the publishers to imply some connection with the College. There is no such connection, and we would advise you to check carefully before buying advertising space in this publication.

In the past, the RCVS Directory of Veterinary Practices has contained a Veterinary Buyers Guide supplement. Please note that this has been discontinued and the 2005 edition of the Directory will not contain any advertising.

If you feel you have been misled into believing that you were advertising in a genuine RCVS publication, please contact John Collins at the College on 020 7202 0708.

The RCVS has no connection with, and does not endorse, any independent publication containing advertisements for veterinary products and services.

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