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Provision of 24-hour cover under review

23 December 2003

A working party has been set up to review RCVS guidance on the provision of 24-hour cover by veterinarians in practice. The first meeting was held at the RCVS last week and included a wide spectrum of practising veterinarians and a representative of the Health and Safety Executive who has a brief to address issues affecting veterinary surgeons (see below).

The relevant parts of the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct are being reviewed, taking into account, 1). the obligation to comply with legislation affecting employment and 2). the complaints received by the RCVS Professional Conduct Department.

There were a number of suggested revisions to the Guide and these will be considered at the next meeting of the working party. In due course, it is hoped that draft recommendations will be presented to Advisory Committee for consideration.

Working Party Membership

  • Mr Bob Moore, Chairman and RCVS Council Member
  • Mr Stephen Ware, Senior Vice President
  • Mrs Alison Bruce, RCVS Lay Council Member
  • Mrs Lynne Hill, Chairman Advisory Committee and RCVS
  • Council Member
  • Mr Tim Greet, President BVA
  • Mr Graham Hibbert, President BCVA
  • Mr Chris Rea, Jnr Vice President BEVA
  • Ms Christine Ding, NW Region BSAVA Chair
  • Mr Nick Blayney, Hon Sec, SPVS
  • Ms Julia Boness standing in for Mr Phil Hyde, British Association of Veterinary Emergency Care
  • Mr Brian Pound, CVS (UK) Ltd
  • Mr Richard Hooker, CVO, PDSA
  • Mr Steve Cheetham, Acting CVO, RSPCA
  • Mr David Pepper, Veterinary Defence Society
  • Mr Neil Craig, HSE - first meeting only

In attendance:

  • Mr Gordon Hockey (RCVS)
  • Mrs Sue Whall (RCVS)

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