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Quiz launched to test vets' knowledge of guidance

13 November 2009

We have launched an online quiz to test veterinary surgeons' knowledge of the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct.

The Guide outlines what is acceptable professional and ethical behaviour for veterinary surgeons.

It is developed and maintained by our Advisory Committee of the RCVS, which, in addition to veterinary members of RCVS Council, also includes lay members, a member of the Veterinary Nurses Council, and independent (ie non-Council) veterinary surgeons.

The Guide is the benchmark against which a veterinary surgeon is judged, by both the Preliminary Investigation and Disciplinary Committees.

The quiz, which was road-tested at the London Vet Show on 6-7 November, is anonymous, but we will be collating data on results to help focus future communications activities and see where extra guidance may be required.

Upon completion of the quiz, it is possible to review answers and view the relevant section of the online Guide.

The quiz is aimed at veterinary surgeons: if it’s a success, a version for Registered Veterinary Nurses will follow. It will initially be online for three months and reviewed thereafter.

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