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RCVS assists in successful prosecution for illegal veterinary practice

3 September 2004

The RCVS confirmed that dehorning sheep should only be performed by a veterinary surgeon

The RCVS has been able to assist in the recent successful prosecution of a Staffordshire shepherd for practising veterinary surgery illegally.

At a hearing on 13 August 2004, Mr Paul Anthony Fowler of Dracott in the Clay, nr Ashbourne, pleaded guilty to three separate charges for which he was fined some £2,000 plus costs.

The Burton on Trent Magistrates' Court heard how Mr Fowler had dehorned four of his rams - a veterinary procedure - and in so doing had caused the animals unnecessary suffering.

He had also failed to have access to, or be acquainted with, the relevant statutory welfare codes.

Staffordshire County Council requested that the RCVS provide expert evidence on what constituted a veterinary procedure and confirm whether or not Mr Fowler's name appeared on the RCVS Register. It did not.

On behalf of the College, RCVS Council Member Mr Roger Eddy provided a statement about veterinary procedures, thereby assisting the Court in finding that Mr Fowler had been in breach of the Veterinary Surgeons Act and caused his animals unnecessary suffering.

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