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RCVS calls for honours and awards nominations

31 July 2002

The RCVS is inviting nominations for its annual honours and awards to be presented at its Annual General Meeting in 2003. Any nominations you may wish to make for the honours and awards shown below should be submitted to the RCVS President by 6 September 2002 on the nomination form, so that they may be considered by the Nominations Committee at its meeting on 17 October 2002.

Honorary Associates
Honorary Associates need not be veterinarians. This award may be made to persons by reasons of their special eminence in, or special service to, the veterinary profession but Council has agreed that the award should be restricted to persons not eligible for election as Honorary Fellows. The present Honorary Associates are listed on page 284 of the 2001 Register and, in addition, this honour will be awarded to Mr L Stocker and Professor M Ferguson-Smith in 2002.

Honorary Fellowship by Election
Under the Bye-Laws, this award may be made to not more than three persons in any one year in respect of their special eminence in, and service to, the cause of veterinary science. A recipient must be a member of the RCVS and have been a member, or possessed of a registrable qualification, for a period of at least 20 years. The present Honorary Fellows by Election are listed on page 285 of the 2001 Register and, in addition, this honour has been awarded to Mr J M Kelly, Professor W J Reilly and Professor N G Wright in 2002.

All nominations must be accompanied by the following information:

a. Name of nominee
b. Honour/Award for which the nomination is made
c. Relevant qualifications of nominee
d. Age
e. Date of registration as member of RCVS (if applicable)
f. Nominee's current post/projects
g. Nominee's career history
h. Particular reason why the honour/award should be conferred (maximum 300 words)

The summary will form the basis of a "citation" for the ultimate award winner at the AGM in 2003. In default of such a summary being submitted, the nomination cannot be considered.

Please request a nomination form by email from the RCVS Executive Office or by telephoning (020) 7222 2001.

The closing date for nominations is 6 September 2002.

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