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RCVS welcomes new members from across four continents

29 July 2005

A special admissions ceremony was held at Belgravia House yesterday for the overseas candidates who had been successful in this year's RCVS statutory examination for membership.

Of the 16 candidates who passed the exam, 14 were able to attend the ceremony to be presented with their membership certificates by RCVS President Lynne Hill.

The candidates had graduated from countries that spanned four continents, including Trinidad and Tobago, Iran, Kenya and Serbia, and success in this examination entitles them to practise in the UK should they so choose.

In addition, Michelle Cook DVM (pictured below), who used to work for the British Veterinary Association, was the first graduate from the University of Grenada's new veterinary school to pass the RCVS statutory membership exam.

After presenting the awards, Mrs Hill was the first to congratulate the new MsRCVS and gave a short address.

She stressed how important it was for them to choose their first jobs carefully. "Your experience in your first job may shape the rest of your career," she said. "There is more to a good practice than lots of toys. Factors such as practice ethos, culture and commitment to continuing professional development are incredibly important."

Mrs Hill went on to highlight the need for the ongoing development of problem-solving skills, the role of self-assessment in this and the importance of lifelong learning, mentioning the variety of postgraduate qualifications offered by the RCVS.

She also highlighted the College's advisory role, saying: "Talking to the RCVS as early as possible is also critical. Advice from our Professional Conduct department should be your first port of call, not your last resort and they are more than happy to help."

Finally, Mrs Hill called for the new members to play an active part in the running of the profession, by joining professional associations and voting in RCVS elections. "That way, you will get the profession you want. Your future is in your hands, make sure it is a good one," she concluded.

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