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'Real discussion' at Cambridge Question Time

8 March 2007

The latest Regional Question Time meeting brought a near-record turn out at the Royal Cambridge Hotel, with over 80 veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and other practice staff debating current veterinary issues with the panel of RCVS Officers.

Held on Thursday 1 March, RCVS Officers, members of VN Council and other College staff travelled to Cambridge to meet members on their home ground, answer questions and resolve their concerns. 

RCVS President Professor Sheila Crispin gave a brief presentation before kicking-off the questions, which covered a range of topics including postgraduate education, the Professional Development Phase, the new veterinary nursing syllabus and sustainable mixed practice. The evening meeting was structured around questions submitted in advance, which in turn stimulated debate from the floor.

Further topics raised included student figures, returning to practice, the ethics of religious slaughter and also the role of the RCVS and how it differs from that of the BVA.

The opportunity to meet with colleagues over a buffet and a glass of wine and discuss local issues as well as those relevant to the wider activities of the College was extremely valuable for both guests and RCVS Officers. 'Good to meet the RCVS face-to-face', 'found it very useful' and 'a chance for real discussion' are just some of the comments from guests who attended the meeting.

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