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Successful overseas candidates welcomed to RCVS

9 August 2004

RCVS President John Parker welcomed twenty new member to the RCVS recently in a special admissions ceremony for overseas veterinary graduates.

A total of 18 overseas candidates had successfully passed their Statutory Membership Examination earlier in the year, 16 of whom attended the ceremony at Belgravia House with their friends and families.

The candidates had gained their veterinary qualifications from universities in a variety of different countries including Iran, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Trinidad.

Following their success in the RCVS examination, they are now entitled to practise veterinary surgery in the UK if they choose to.

After formally admitting the new members, Mr Parker welcomed them to the RCVS and gave a short address.

Paying tribute to their hard work so far, he encouraged them to keep up to speed with their professional development and, as researchers at all times, to maintain an enquiring mind.

He also emphasised that the RCVS was not a remote institution, but was available to give sympathetic advice when needed.

"Little jobs in practice can be as rewarding as the big ones and doing the small ones endears you to your clients, but if you have a nettle, you should always grasp it firmly" said Mr Parker, himself a practitioner for over 40 years.

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