Veterinary nurses begin their careers at RCVS Awards Ceremony

13 February 2008

A group of 20 newly-qualified veterinary nurses, their friends and family, were at Belgravia House in London on Friday 8 February 2008, to attend the RCVS Admissions Ceremony for Veterinary Nurses.

Andrea Jeffery, Chairman of the Veterinary Nurses Council, welcomed the guests to the RCVS and explained the history of the profession, and how veterinary nursing can be a career for life.

“I would like to congratulate you all on becoming qualified, Registered Veterinary Nurses. Today is the beginning of your professional lives and there are many opportunities for future study,” explained Mrs Jeffery.

“There are eight elected VNs on the Veterinary Nurses Council, so decisions about the future of the profession are in the hands of veterinary nurses,” she added, encouraging the newly-qualified veterinary nurses to get involved.

RCVS President Dr Bob Moore presented the RVNs with badges and certificates in Small Animal Veterinary Nursing and Equine Veterinary Nursing, and welcomed them to the profession.

“Well done to each and every one of you. The veterinary profession depends on veterinary nurses; they are an essential part of the team in delivering service and care to animals and their owners,” he said.

Dr Moore reminded the VNs that veterinary nursing is a self-regulating profession and there are standards to adhere to in order to uphold the profession, by following the Guide to Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses.

He also thanked the friends, family and colleagues who were present at the ceremony for supporting the veterinary nurses as they entered their new career, and highlighted how important this continued support would be in the future.

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