Veterinary nurses celebrate start of professional career

16 June 2008

A group of 36 newly-qualified veterinary nurses visited the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons on Friday 13 June for two admissions ceremonies.

Veterinary Nurses Council Vice-Chairman, Elizabeth Branscombe, began the ceremonies by welcoming guests to both Belgravia House and the start of the VNs’ professional careers. She emphasised that the title of Veterinary Nurse is one to be proud of, and spoke about the exciting times ahead for the profession.

‘Having successfully completed your portfolio and exams you are now eligible to enter the Veterinary Nurses Register and follow the Guide to Professional Conduct. It is a satisfying and challenging career which can lead onto many other opportunities, such as practice management or teaching future veterinary nurses.’

Family, friends and colleagues were present to see the new VNs receive their certificates and badges from RCVS President, Dr Bob Moore, who congratulated them on their achievements, and also recognised the support they had received from those around them.

‘Congratulations to each and every one of you in reaching the first stage of your career. Now is the time to thank your colleagues, family and friends for helping you get to where you are today. Their support is crucial for your success, now and in the future. Today is for celebrating; enjoy what you have achieved.,’ he said.

The VNs and their guests then enjoyed a drinks reception with the President.




For more information or photographs, please contact:

Fiona Clark (020 7202 0773)

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1. The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK and deals with issues of professional misconduct, maintaining the register of veterinary surgeons eligible to practise in the UK and assuring standards of veterinary education.

2. The RCVS has two key functions in relation to veterinary nursing: the maintenance of the statutory list of veterinary nurses and the non-statutory Register of veterinary nurses and the award of veterinary nursing NVQs and RCVS diploma qualifications.


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