PSS campaign resources

Welcome to the resources page for the ‘Your Kind of Vets’ campaign. Here you will find campaign materials for you to download and use to help promote the fact your practice is RCVS-accredited. Please keep checking back as we will be adding additional resources throughout the two month campaign.

Cat on a rug


You will find the videos on the RCVS YouTube channel. However, if you would like to download them, for example to use in your practice waiting room to promote the fact you are RCVS-accredited, please feel free to do so via the links below.

Veterinary care, from your kind of vets
About RCVS-accredited veterinary practices
Video cover from the 'Veterinary care, from your kind of vets' video  Video cover from the 'About RCVS-accredited veterinary practices' video 
Download video (with subtitles) Download video (with subtitles)
Download video (without subtitles) Download video (without subtitles)


Posters and print

If you would like to print your own copies of the posters and selfie logo hearts that were included in the launch pack please download them here:

Ann & Luka
Jess & Marco
Poster featuring veterinary surgeon Ann & her dog Luka  Veterinary surgeon Jess & her horse Marco  
Struan & Spice
Scout & Roo-Bear
Veterinary surgeon Struan & his dog Spice  Veterinary nurse Scout & her dog Roo-Bear 
Nichi & Florence
Aarti & Monkey
Veterinary nurse Nichi & her cat Florence  Poster featuring veterinary surgeon Aarti & her cat Monkey 
Information sheet
Selfie hearts
Image of information sheet from the 'Your kind of vets' campaign  Selfie hearts from the PSS campaign 'Your kind of vets'